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You know, I just realized something...I think I've been here for a year now. Maybe a bit longer. I guess time sort of blurs here, after a while...

It's strange, actually. I know a lot of people don't like it here, and they don't like the fact that they can't leave, and I don't like that bit either, but...I don't hate it here at all. I actually sort of like it here. This is a whole year I didn't have at home, or in the tower...and I know that it all goes away when I leave, and that's sort of sad, but...

Well, anyway. What do you do when you've been here for a whole year?


Before I forget, I've started selling pies and other pastries down at the Jasmine Dragon. Thanks again, Toph, for letting me do that, and I promise, it's only until I can afford to rent my own building...
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I don't get it. They're just sort of weed plants, right? How do they grow out of the ceiling like that?

[Rapunzel's at her job at the tea shop, since she's still working there for now, and she's just completely baffled by the mistletoe that appears to be growing out of the ceiling.]

[ooc: heheh. This is gonna be great.]
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So...I've been thinking about this for a little while now...and even though I'm not really sure exactly how this is going to work...I think I'm gonna do it. Yeah, I'm gonna do this!

So, Mr. Stark told me that I should sell those pies that I made a while back...so I thought about it, and I decided that I'm going to open a bakery here!

I mean, I don't really know how to run a business, or how to get a place to sell things here...so maybe this isn't the best idea, but...well, I'd like to maybe try to become more independent, show people that I can do things on my own and that I'm not a kid anymore...

[Well, the one person she really wants to show that she's a mature, responsible adult who can take care of herself isn't here, but that's besides the point.]

...I think I'll probably need help, though...Oh, maybe I should've thought this through more...I don't even have a bakery name yet...
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I didn't realize Christmas was such a big deal here...I haven't celebrated it like this since I was little...

I guess people do things differently outside the tower for the holidays, huh. That makes sense. Lot's more space out here...

Well, I'm excited! I haven't celebrated Christmas for ages, this should be fun!

Hope I remember what we're supposed to do...I get you all gifts, right?
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So, I'm a little confused...

What's this Thanksgiving thing? Is it some sort of holiday? What do you do on it?

We never celebrated Thanksgiving in the tower, if it is a holiday. I've never heard of it before...

All I've managed to find out is that it involves a lot of food.
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[SOMEBODY is having fun with this curse. Sure, the only things that Rapunzel is able to cook is bread. Sure, all the food she touches turns to bread.

But who doesn't like bread? Bread is always good!

So Rapunzel is in the kitchen, embracing the curse and attempting to actually make a loaf of bread. Pascal is, of course, helping.]

I know, I know, but if everything I make is going to turn to bread anyway, why not just make actual bread?

...I know, I know, it's been a while. But Mother isn't here, and I'm older now! I know that too much yeast is a bad thing!

[Pascal chirps in conversation as Rapunzel continues to work. She only stops to get a glass of water...which she immediately starts coughing up.]


[She stares in horror at the glass. Which is now full of liquid bread. Gross.]

...Okay, now that's just not nice...
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Hello, everybody!

Um, I need some help...it's not with anything bad, but I can't really do all this by myself...see, this weekend, I made pie!

A...a lot of pie. I wanted to try out new fruits and things I'd never used before. I only ever really made apple and pumpkin before. They were really the only ingredients Mother could get her hands on...I did get to make blueberry pie once! But the point is, I made pies...

I've got starfruit here...and cranberry pie, and pecan pie...strawberry pie, ground cherry pie...I didn't even know cherries could grow in the ground! They sort of look like tomatoes to me, though...but I'm sure they taste okay!

I've got a few more here that might not have worked out so good...cucumber pie, chocolate and rhubarb pie, and elderberry pie. That last one might not have cooked thoroughly, and I think the rhubarb got a bit burned...

...I think I went a bit out of control...
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[Rapunzel is sitting on the edge of her bed, hair wrapped around her like a blanket, as she knits what appears to be a very tiny scarf. Pascal, looking a bit blue and slightly irritated, is sitting on her shoulder.

Scene not making any sense? Don't worry! Rapunzel has been writing about her whole day, in excessive detail, for everybody to read!]

She woke up this morning and noted how cold it was. It never got this cold in the tower, and whenever it started to, she or Mother would make sure there was a nice fire and warm food. But she can't exactly go and set a fire in the apartment, now can she? That would only end badly, she thought to herself.

Having taken a look in her closet, she noticed that she didn't have very many coats or sweaters. She had a few, to be sure, and she made sure to put one of those on, along with a pair of socks. She's still getting used to the idea of wearing socks and shoes. Living in a tower for years, you never had to wear these things on your feet, and despite being in the City for a while now, she'd still never really gotten used to this whole 'footware' thing.

While she was a bit warmer and bundled up, though, she saw poor Pascal, shivering and looking grumpy and blue! Oh no!

So, she decided that she would make him some winter clothes as well. Starting with a nice scarf. He had a little scarf at home in the tower, but it had been summer when they left, so it was still there...and he could use a temporary replacement while they were here!

And so, she sat down on the bed, placing Pascal on her shoulder where he could observe her work, and started to knit. Her hair, as it often did, got in the way a bit...so she decided to use it as a blanket. She did this when she was in the tower, why not here?

It's been a few hours now, and she's really making progress...though the scarf is probably a bit longer than she intended it to be...
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[Rapunzel is walking out in the City, running some errands. She's wearing a sweater and legit shoes today, but despite that, she's still shivering. A rather blue Pascal is sitting on her shoulder, looking quite irritated.]

I know, I know...I don't know where all this fog came from...! Or why it's so cold...we should get you a sweater, Pascal. Then you'd be warm.

[The chameleon makes a noise at that, and Rapunzel laughs, turning to say something, before she notices something off in the distance.]

...That...that house wasn't there yesterday, was it...?

[Pascal shakes his head, and Rapunzel frowns, heading in the direction of the small, abandoned house in the distance. Now that her curiosity's been piqued, there's no going back...]
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I have NEVER been so happy to see the sun before...I thought the night could be dark before this weekend, but I never thought it could be that dark...

[She maaaay have a bit of a fear of the dark. Blame the crazy mother again.]

I wonder, though...all those people who got special powers over the weekend...do any of them still have them? Or was that just a weekend only thing?

[Rapunzel, you are not going to find somebody who also has magical hair. And this does not count as asking.]

It was probably just a weekend thing. Oh well.
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Aaah--get off!! Stop it!

[Poor Rapunzel is squirming, looking genuinely uncomfortable and grumpy, itching at her skin and swatting at it, wincing.]

I don't understand, where are they all coming from? I swear, they weren't here last night...did I leave the window open?

[Rapunzel runs into the kitchen, where Pascal is sticking his tongue out and attacking the invisible bugs that appear to be bugging them both.]

Pascal, they just keep coming! You're gonna get sick if you do that...!

[Pascal just shrugs at Rapunzel, continuing to attempt to eat the invisible bugs.]

Ugh, fine, get a stomach age...I'm getting the bug spray, then I'm taking a shower...they're everywhere....They're in my hair, ewww...!
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Oh, I sort of like this curse. It's nice, seeing all these people here...even if it's just for a weekend.

...Eugene? Maximus? Are you out there? I...I know you can't stay, but...well, I really miss you guys...

Oh, and anybody else who wants to say hi can say hi!
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Last year, I was not ready at all for winter! Living it inside a tower and just watching is one thing. Actually being outside in the snow is totally different!

So I hope I'm prepared this time...I think I am, anyway!

[But she's looking for a second opinion, so on goes the camera. She's wearing a garish mishmash of winter clothing on top of her regular dress, including but not limited to:

An Santa hat
Red mittens
An oversized orange ski jacket
A black and yellow striped scarf
Snow pants
Ski goggles
And finally, a pair of brown furry snowboots, the only thing that really seems to fit her.]

Honestly, I'm feeling a little warm right now...but I guess that means I'm ready, right?

[Poor Rapunzel. She's so used to not having to wear layers like this that wearing them confuses her and her normally quite good fashion sense.]
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[Business was busy tonight at the diner. Some big band was playing in town tonight, so that meant a lot of people were out and about, getting food.

Rapunzel's feet were beginning to hurt. Her regular states were getting fixed, since one of her wheels broke last week, so she was wearing the extra pair, and they were too big, so she was wobblier than normal, and was afraid of dropping her next order.

It takes all her willpower to drop the food off at the car without any problems, and the minute she gets back inside, she flops down on a nearby stool.]

Whewh...these skates are not the bee's knees...oh well. We've got another order for 2 burgers and a malt, by the way. I think I'm blistering...

[ooc: 50's waitress rollerskater Rapunzel!]
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[Wandering around the square of the City is a familiar looking little girl.

Confused and scared, she's holding onto her long blonde hair like a security blanket.]


Where am I...? Where's Mommy...?

I'm not 'sposta be outside...it's not safe out here...

[Little Rapunzel looks like she's about to cry, and she starts to wander away from the center of the City, before tripping over a rock and falling over onto the ground. This is clearly the final straw for the scared little girl, as she starts crying.]

I wanna go home...

[ooc: Age Reversal! Baby Rapunzel is...about 5 or 6, I think? And she's never been outside before, and her mother has already started warping her mind with horrible stories about the outside world, so she's a bit on edge.

Also, no Pascal, they haven't met yet at this point in her life!]
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So...Flynn Rider has left the City...he's not the only one, either. [He's just the one she can't talk about without bursting into tears.]

My boss, Mister Iroh, is also gone, and I don't know what's going to happen to the tea shop without him...so I thought maybe I should start to look for a new job, just in case.

I don't exactly have a long resume, but I can do a lot of things! Cooking, cleaning, sewing, painting, paper mache, candle making...I'm also good with numbers, too. [The healing hair thing has only just started to come out in the City, and she'd like to keep that quiet for a little while longer.]
I was a waitress at the tea shop, but that's the extent of my actual job work...

...I guess that doesn't look very good, huh...oh well. If anybody needs an extra set of hands for anything, I'm your girl!

[Her cheerfulness is very forced, and she just needs a distraction to keep her mind off of Flynn leaving.]
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...I'm really worried about Flynn...

I haven't seen him in days, I haven't heard from him in days...I went by his room to see if he was there...and I knocked on his door, he didn't answer, so I went on in, and it looked like nobody'd been living there in ages...

I don't know where he is, or what could have happened to him! I...does anybody have any idea where he could've gone? I've started looking, but I don't know all the places to check...

Oh, I hope he hasn't left...he promised he wouldn't...
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[Rapunzel is sitting on a small chair in her bedroom, brushing her hair. But what would be a relatively normal scene is a bit off for several reasons...

First, and most obvious, is that her hair is now brown. It's still very, very long, but it's gone from being golden blonde to brown.

Second, she's brushing her hair in a frantic, almost panicked state. And third, she's singing to herself, almost desperately.]

Flower, gleam and glow, let your power shine... Why isn't it working? I haven't cut my hair at all, this shouldn't be happening!!

[She slumps in the chair, looking miserable and absolutely terrified.]

Oh, Mother is going to kill me...how do I tell her that my hair just sort of stopped working? She's not going to believe me...Pascal, what should I do?

[Pascal, who's sitting on the floor in front of her, shrugs before tugging on a bit of her hair.]

You're right. I'll keep trying, maybe it'll start working...or maybe if I go outside it'll go back to normal, or something. I'm willing to try anything by this point...

[ooc: Average Joe day. Rapunzel's normally magical hair has been sapped of its powers, and it's now just 70ft of average brown hair. She's freaking out...and this is leading her to inadvertently revealing the fact her hair isn't normal to the Network. :3 Have fun!]


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